Dusting and furniture care may or not be on your radar, but if you have furniture and woodwork in your home, you can benefit from putting together a caddy with some products and tools. I enjoy taking good care of furniture – it makes your home look better and most definitely will make your furniture last longer.

I keep my dusting caddy in my cleaning closet. It’s easily accessible and holds just about everything I ever need for doing a little furniture polishing and maintenance. I’ve found that if I have furniture markers and beeswax polish in this little caddy I can easily touch up scratches and dings or give furniture a little extra buff or shine as I’m doing my weekly dusting. I like having everything at the ready for Tuesday (Tuesday is Dusting Day in the Clean Mama Routine) and I’ve found that keeping it all in one place is convenient and keeps me from wasting time looking for supplies and tools.

These products are great for polishing furniture, covering up scratches, and making worn wood shine. I keep them in the caddy so I can use them as necessary – if I’m dusting and see a scratch, I’ll correct it on the spot in lieu of waiting for another time.

  1. Blind Duster – If you have blinds, this is a must! I love using it on our blinds and find that it works great and the microfiber is removable and washable too so it will last forever.
  2. Microfiber Duster – One of my favorites, so much so that I carry it in the Clean Mama Shop. You can also find it here on Amazon.
  3. Coconut Oil – This is great for a DIY Citrus Wood Polish – see the recipe here.
  4. Furniture Markers – I feel like these are a must if you find that you’re getting dings and chips out of your furniture. Love that you can mix the colors on the wood for a perfect match.
  5. Beeswax Oil Polish – Use a little bit of this on worn furniture or anytime your furniture needs a little shining up, works so well!
  6. Wood Repair Pencil – I use this for the deeper scratches that need to be filled and repaired.
  7. Caddy– I love this caddy because it’s small and compact and has a couple compartments.
  8. Cleaning Cloth Kit – This kit has three different cloths for different purposes – I use the all-purpose cloth for dusting.
  9. Extendable Duster – Obviously, this isn’t fitting in my compact little caddy but a feel like an extendable duster is a must. If you don’t have one yet, add one to your arsenal!

For weekly dusting, I simply use a microfiber duster and quickly move through the house dusting each and every surface. When surfaces need a little more cleaning and polishing (every month or so), I use the Clean Mama Cleaning Kit cloths barely damp and dust  Rinse and wring if needed as I go.

Do you have a Dusting Caddy?  What other caddies would you like to see? Check out my Bathroom Caddy here.