Have you ever made a switch to a new product because you thought it was better/safer only to find out that you didn’t like how it worked or found it to be not as good as your favorite? I’ve been on a mission for the last 15+ years to find better and safer products in our home – today I’m going to share the swaps that I’ve made that we use daily and are worth the investment.  You don’t have to switch everything overnight but little changes over time add up and make a huge difference.

If you haven’t read my 3rd book Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home, it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to make all sorts of changes in your home. The book covers everything from cleaning and laundry to makeup and EMFs. No guilt or overwhelm, just small changes you can make over time.

These are the changes that have felt like the most impactful ones for us – I’d love to hear from you in the comments what changes you’ve made that have made the biggest difference in your home and health!

Reusable Water Bottles – I love my Stanley 40 oz Quencher – totally worth the hype and how I drink water all day.

Electrolytes – I’m addicted and fill my Stanley every morning with a scoop of Re-lyte and ice water. I aim to finish that by 9am and then fill it up again 1-2x. Love that you can get a container instead of packets.

Water Filtration – As I was researching and writing Healthy Home, one of the changes I made mid-book was water filtration. We had a whole house system installed but another great, less expensive option is a stand alone system like a Berkey.

Toothpaste – We don’t do any fluoride here so finding a toothpaste that worked and was non-toxic was essential. I love this Boka toothpaste and interestingly enough it’s healed/sealed a couple small cavities in this house. Big fans here!

Laundry & Cleaning Products – If you ever wonder why I created my own line of laundry and cleaning  products, it’s because in my research I found that what I thought was safe/safer, really wasn’t. That set me on a mission to make manufacture products in the US with ingredients that are 100% safe for everyone. This is a swap I’ll never go back on.

Paper Goods – We use washable/reusable cleaning cloths and towels. I love using bar mop towels on the counters and microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning the bathrooms.

Somavedic – Use the coupon code CLEANMAMA for 10% off! This is a product that I absolutely love – it mitigates EMFs and while it might seem a little woo-woo, I love having it! I have the VEDIC model – it’s a little hard to explain what it does but here’s a snippet from Somavedic:

  • Creates a harmonic field in your environment reaching 100 feet in all directions, penetrating through walls and floors
  • Does not block EMF’s, but rather supports the body and helps bring it back into equilibrium from the negative effects of EMF- lowers blood pressure, heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, cellular regeneration and re-structures water which improves absorption/hydration (Vedic and Amber models).

Air Filter – We have a whole house air filtration system that we love but I also love having an Air Doctor. If someone is sick I’ll move it into their room or if one of my kids is suffering from allergies we’ll move it into their room. It’s moveable and so effective!

Liquid Vitamins – Sustainable swap or more healthy living? You decide but I love Mary Ruth’s products and feel like they’ve changed how I feel.

Purity Coffee – Love this coffee!  We get it in the 5 pound whole bean bags. It’s 3rd party tested for mold, pesticides and mycotoxins and it tastes delicious!

You can see some of my favorites on my Sustainable Swaps list on Amazon here.