Update:  This challenge is over, but you can start it anytime! Simply follow the links at the bottom of the post for the simple and do-able how-to!
I don’t know about you but from time to time (especially when the seasons change) I need to do a little more than usual to get things tidied up around our home. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about the space between your walls and feel like you need a little bit of a reset in the clean home department, next week is for you (and me)!

Clean Mama's Home Reset Challenge via Clean Mama

What’s the goal of the challenge – what can I expect?

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room or by an area and quickly close the door or walk away because the clutter makes your heart race? Yeah, we’re going to get our heart rates down and settle into a relaxing and cozy fall where we feel comfortable and relaxed in our homes. I’ve designed this challenge to be a jump start to a cleaning routine and as a way to make some REAL progress in a hurry. Short on time? Overwhelmed by clutter and don’t know where to start? This is a challenge that you can succeed at – I promise!

When is the challenge and how will I complete it?

I’ll have a FREE printable for you available on Sunday (September 13) to use during the challenge so you can choose to work right along with us next week or you can complete the challenge independently anytime.

Every day next week, September 14-18 (Monday – Friday) I will be posting the tasks for the challenge here on the blog and on Instagram and Facebook (follow me there too!). We’ll start the challenge by keeping up with daily cleaning and weekly cleaning tasks. Clean Mama’s Home Reset will add about 15-30 minutes to the daily and weekly tasks with a new task each day designed specifically to declutter those problem spots and clutter collectors in your home.

What time of day should I work on the challenge?

Choose the time of the day that works for you – my cleaning routine and this challenge are both designed to work with ANY schedule. Personally, I try to complete as much as possible early in the morning and complete the daily tasks during the day or evening when I am able. Be flexible and set aside a little extra time each day to complete the 5 daily challenges. Just 15-30 minutes and I promise you’ll see a HOME RESET of your own. If you only have 15 minutes when you get home from work, set a timer and do what you can in that amount of time.

I’m new here. What is Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine?

Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here! New to the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine? This is the perfect time to start! This reset will give you a quick and doable start to maintaining a tidy home. I’ve created a simple, easy to implement cleaning routine that thousands of people use in their homes every day. Every day I complete these 4 Daily Cleaning Tasks – check floors, clean counters, clutter, at least one load of laundry. Then I break the larger cleaning tasks like vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms down into my Weekly Cleaning Routine.

CM | day icons
MONDAY – bathrooms day
TUESDAY – dusting day
WEDNESDAY – vacuuming day
THURSDAY – floor washing day
FRIDAY – catch-all day (a day to catch up or complete rotating cleaning tasks)
SATURDAY – sheets + towels day
SUNDAY – day of rest – just the daily cleaning tasks

I also give away a FREE cleaning calendar with the daily and weekly cleaning tasks and recommended rotating cleaning tasks every month – here’s September’s calendar.

Each of the posts will have these links to the other days so you can catch up or start this challenge anytime:

I want to start now – what can I do?

Take a couple minutes over the next few days to get ready for the challenge – here’s what you can do to prepare:

  • Follow the Clean Mama cleaning routine – start on whatever day it is, do what you can and you’ll be ready to go on Monday.
  • Put together a cleaning caddy of your favorite tools and get ready for a fun week – here are some of my favorites according to days of the week and from Amazon.
  • Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a post!