Clean Mama's Home Reset Challenge - DAY ONE

I am SO excited to start Clean Mama’s Home Reset with you! I am working a day ahead on the daily challenge so I have pictures to post for you, but getting just one task completed feels great! Are you ready to take back your home and feel great about it? This mini-challenge is designed for you (and me) to concentrate on those clutter collecting areas and spaces that tend to get neglected or put off. We’re completing the Home Reset tasks while continuing on with the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine – this will ensure forward progress and we’ll get ahead at the same time. Did you print off your FREE printable guide? If you didn’t, go here first.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Weekly Task for today:

Every Monday is BATHROOMS DAY – first things first, clean the bathroom(s) in your home. If you are new here and haven’t heard about or seen my 15 minute bathroom speed cleaning routine, go here, follow the tasks, and come back here for the next tasks.

Daily Tasks for Today:

Every day I complete these 4 simple tasks (go to this post for more explanation) – complete them when it makes sense for you and your schedule. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes if you need to, but don’t get hung up on these tasks, they get easier as you follow my routine:

  • check floors
  • clean counters
  • clutter
  • laundry

Home Reset Task:

Once your bathrooms are thoroughly (and quickly) cleaned and you’ve started a load of laundry or swept under the kitchen table, it’s time tackle today’s task to DECLUTTER TOILETRIES. Here are your simple steps:

  • Set a timer for 15-30 minutes (whatever you have) and choose your spot to declutter. This can be a drawer, under the sink, a cupboard, a shelf – choose a space that you know you can completely clear and declutter in the time you have. Start small, if you get going and want to declutter more, keep going!
    Here’s my BEFORE – it took me 30 minutes to completely clear, declutter, and re-organize this space. I knew ahead of time that I wanted to use larger storage containers to store toiletries so I had the containers on hand. I had put off doing it for a couple weeks and this challenge is just what I needed to finally sort and declutter the space.
    Toiletries Before via Clean Mama
  • Completely clear and empty the space. I put everything on the bathroom counter to sort and declutter it.
    Remove everything from the space via Clean Mama
  • Spray and wipe clean.
    Completely clear space and wipe clean via Clean Mama
  • Decide what you can keep and what you can toss – if it’s expired, toss. If you haven’t used it in a while or forgot why you have it, toss it. (Make sure you follow your local recycling rules for what can be recycled.)
    Toss Pile and Re-Grouped and Sorted Toiletries via Clean Mama
  • Group like items together to make organizing and finding your toiletries easy. Put items back in a way that makes sense for you and whoever is using the space. Here’s my AFTER – I have another post soon that goes into a little more detail about how I organized this cabinet, stay tuned.
    Toiletries - After via Clean Mama

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Clean Mama's Home Reset Challenge via Clean Mama

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