September 18, 2015

Clean Mama’s Home Reset – Day 5

Clean Mama's Home Reset Challenge - DAY 5 via CLEAN MAMA

Welcome back to Clean Mama’s Home Reset – day 5! You made it to the end of the challenge! Are you ready to take back your home and feel great about it? This mini-challenge was designed for you (and me) to concentrate on those clutter collecting areas and spaces that tend to get neglected or put off. We’re completing the Home Reset tasks while continuing on with the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine – this will ensure forward progress and we’ll get ahead at the same time. Did you print off your FREE printable guide? If you didn’t, go here first and then come back and check out today’s task.

I’ll be back over the weekend with a wrap-up post for the challenge with some ‘now what’ ideas for keeping up with a cleaning routine in the midst of a busy life. I’ll also have an awesome coupon code just for you too 🙂

Ready? Let’s get started!

Weekly Task for today:

Every Friday is CATCH-ALL DAY – a day to catch up on any uncompleted tasks. Is there something that you didn’t get to this week? Today’s the day to wrap it up. If you completed everything but have something that you need to accomplish, do it today. Typically I use Fridays to pay bills, plan the menu for the coming week, and do a little grocery shopping.

Daily Tasks for Today:

Every day I complete these 4 simple tasks – complete them when it makes sense for you and your schedule – set a timer for 10-15 minutes if you need to, don’t get hung up on these tasks, they get easier as you follow my routine:

  • check floors
  • clean counters
  • clutter
  • laundry

Home Reset Task:

Once your home is quickly dusted and you’ve started a load of laundry or swept under the kitchen table, it’s time tackle today’s task to DECLUTTER CLUTTER COLLECTORS IN YOUR LIVING SPACES. Choose a spot or two that need a little extra attention today – it can be a bookcase, your mantel, an end table, or a coffee table. I chose to declutter the mantel and bookcase in our family room. I also added a couple early fall touches to the mantel 🙂  Here are your simple steps:

  • Set a timer for 15-30 minutes (whatever you have) and choose your spot to declutter. Consider the time you have and the space you want to tackle today. Here’s my before, not too bad but everything needed a good dusting and cleaning.
    Declutter Clutter Collectors via Clean Mama
  • Quickly clear the space.
    Completely Empty Space and Wipe Clean via Clean mama
  • Make 4 piles: keep, toss, relocate, donate.
  • Wipe down any surfaces and vacuum if necessary.
  • Put away any items that were in the keep pile, toss what can be tossed, relocate what can be relocated, and put the donate items in a bin or bag for a trip to your favorite local donation center.
  • Arrange items in a way that makes sense for your family and admire your space!
    Organized Clutter Collectors - AFTER via Clean Mama

 I find it really helpful to completely clear a space and edit and add back to come up with a look I love. This space is always changing and morphing with the seasons, but here’s a little touch of fall to get it started.

Early Fall Mantel via Clean Mama

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