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Can you believe next week is the start of June? My kids are out of school next week (yay!) and we’ve been thinking about what we want the summer to look like. We’ve done a little brainstorming and goal setting and have come up with a reasonable schedule for the summer. My goal for the summer? Get bored, relax, and really enjoy the time that we’re home together. It’s such a short window of time between now and when they’ll be setting alarms and getting ready for the first day of school again. How can you get bored and keep up with daily tasks and be that mom that isn’t freaking out at all the toys all over the place, again?

It’s a balance, a mindset, and an effective plan.

If you’re looking for a little structure, simple tips for keeping your house tidied up with a new routine, and that feeling of accomplishment that we all need, join my SIMPLE SUMMER CHALLENGE. For the whole month of June I’ll be sharing tips for keeping things simple (and together) at home, simple ideas for the kids, and I’ll also be sharing a MESS every Monday (a drawer, cupboard, closet, and/or a room) on Instagram with a follow-up post later in the week showing my progress and completion. Follow along and you can keep up with your routines, enjoy the summer, have fun with your family, and get a couple projects checked off your list while you’re at it.

What’s the challenge? Will there be daily prompts and tasks?

I will be continuing to post my cleaning routine to Instagram, (following on IG is the best way to follow because it’s more interactive AND you’ll actually see the post), Facebook, and Twitter all summer long. Following along is a great way to be gently reminded of the daily tasks or grab the FREE cleaning calendar each month, print it out and follow along on you own. The Simple Summer Challenge is about choosing to keep things simple this summer. For me, keeping up with a simple cleaning routine so the house doesn’t feel like it’s in a constant state of crazy will keep things simple.

By choosing simple and fun activities and keeping a little structure is the best way to keep the summer care-free. Following along here on the blog and on Instagram you’ll see the simple summer challenge activities all through the month of June and you can choose to complete every single one or just a handful of them – I’ll be talking about ways to get the kids involved around the house with chores, simple ideas for meals, and ways to make things a little more fun while getting things done. I hope you’ll join me!

Sound good? Here’s what you need to do:

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