How to Clean & Organize a Freezer via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing task is the FREEZER (October’s cleaning and organizing calendar is here). If you have an upright or separate freezer you can clean and organize that this week and/or the freezer that’s with your refrigerator.

Cleaning and organizing a freezer can seem daunting and pointless, but with a couple simple ideas you can whip your freezer into shape in no time. (Need to clean your fridge too? Here’s how to do that.)

Organizing a Freezer via Clean Mama

EMPTY FREEZER | Start by emptying out the freezer – work quickly so nothing thaws in this process. Arrange items in groups (fruit, veggies, proteins, nuts, etc.) on your kitchen table or counters – this will keep it easy to return to the freezer organized.

WIPE CLEAN | If you need to defrost the freezer you can do that (put your food in coolers with ice), but this week is more about tidying up the freezer and organizing it. Use a barely damp cloth and wipe up any spills and vacuum up crumbs with a hose  tool (make sure it’s clean).

TOSS | If you find something that probably should have been consumed a while ago, toss it.

TAKE INVENTORY | Jot down any meat or proteins that should be used up soon and plan your meals in the coming week or two using up those items.

ORGANIZE | Put everything away in groups that make sense – baking, meats, vegetables, fruits, meals, etc.

LABEL | Need to add a label to a shelf, drawer, or bin to ensure things are returned to their proper place? Go ahead and do that right away. I like using canning jars and plastic lids for storing foods in the freezer – they label easily, can be washed in the dishwasher, and look great.

Use Canning Jars With Plastic Lids for Freezer Storage via Clean Mama

Have a freezer to clean and organize this week? Any great tips to share?

I cannot wait to introduce you to something that I’ve been working on for months and months! It’s coming on Wednesday….