If you’re like me, I’m starting to feel the end of the summer upon us and new school routines looming in the future. I’m also feeling the need to get a couple things done to prepare for the upcoming busy-ness that a change in season can bring. Hopefully if you’ve been following along (even slightly) to my cleaning routine, that’s one less thing that you have to worry about. If you’re new here, I’m all about simple routines and no guilt. If you don’t vacuum this week, you can do it next week – NOT A BIG DEAL. Or at least that’s how I roll around my house. So today I present to you the cleaning routine for August – follow along on Facebook for little reminders and get on the Clean Mama bandwagon where if you fall off, you can hop back on the next day, week, or month.
You can go here to grab your free August cleaning schedule – come back on Monday, I’ll be kicking off an end of summer project series!