Anxious to have a successful spring cleaning, but not sure where to start? Start with a little decluttering first. Overwhelmed with where to start?
Try these 5 tips for Decluttering:
Determine how many bags you want to fill up, grab that number of bags, and start clearing out drawers, shelves, counters….don’t stop until you’ve filled those bags. Have 15 minutes and want to fill two bags? Grab two bags and get to work.
Move fast – don’t think more than a few seconds about whether you want to keep a sweater that you haven’t worn in 2 years, donate it to someone that can use it now. Haven’t used that pan since you moved in to your house over three years ago? That pan has to go.
Start where the decluttering will help you the most – cluttered kitchen got you down? Start there. Too many clothes that don’t fit or aren’t your style anymore? Start with  your closet. Stepped on a lego for the last time? Start with the kids’ toys. Successful decluttering will lead you to declutter more areas.
Toss – Keep – Donate – Sell
Separate everything into these four categories – once you’ve accomplished a successful purge, keep a basket, bag or box handy to add items to these categories in the future to keep the clutter at bay. Consider selling items on Ebay or Craigslist for some extra cash.
Use what you have to organize your spaces so you aren’t buying new stuff to replace the stuff you’ve just decluttered. Re-purpose a basket or box to organize your magazines in lieu of buying a new magazine basket.
So tell us, what’s your best tip for decluttering?