First off, how are you doing with the routine this month? I’ve heard great things and hope that my routine has given you back some time and less clutter and mess to deal with during your days and nights.
So this week I set out to create a little cleaning bucket/caddy/supply thing for each bathroom cupboard.
I’ve been inspired by these ideas via my Pinterest boards:

(I know this is originally from, but all I can find on BHG is a picture of the door.) 

I ordered these from The Container Store last week and they still haven’t made it to my house, so no finished pictures today – I’ll update once I have completed my buckets.
But what I’ve been looking into is having some needed tools that I usually tote from bathroom to bathroom (not necessarily cleaning supplies) in the cupboards so I don’t have to clean all the bathrooms in one fell swoop if it isn’t convenient on my bathroom cleaning day. Maybe the kids are in the bathtub on Monday night and I haven’t gotten to cleaning the bathroom yet – no running downstairs to get my one cleaning bucket. I have supplies and tools at the ready for a quick clean up.
What could go in the buckets?
microfiber cleaning cloths
microfiber mirror/window cleaning cloths
a scrubber
all-purpose cleaner
garbage bags
magic erasers
cleaning wipes
So tell me, is this something you do or could do to make bathroom cleaning a little easier?