First things first…did you get the monthly cleaning schedule and binder page? You can go here to grab those and lots of other cleaning freebies.Today is Monday so let’s talk about what the main thing is to clean on Mondays – and that’s BATHROOMS. When I set out to work on a cleaning routine a few years ago, I settled on bathrooms for Mondays to get them over with because they are my least favorite thing to clean. So today, I’m going to tell you how I clean 4 bathrooms in 15-20 minutes:

Source: via Becky on Pinterest

•get all supplies in order (all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, toilet brush, microfiber window cloth and 4 cotton cleaning rags (one for each bathroom) and a microfiber cleaning cloth for bathtubs and showers. New to the world of microfiber cleaning cloths? Check out the cleaning supply aisle at any big box store. Little known fact: the automotive section also carries microfiber cloths for even cheaper.

Note: I do use disinfecting wipes from time to time in lieu of cleaning rags (mostly to clean up little messes during the week) – my favorite are Germ Off wipes – pricey, but I really like how they work.

•go into first bathroom and spray mirror with window cleaner – wipe clean with microfiber window cloth (this might not seem like a necessary cleaning tool, but seriously it is amazing – streak free windows and mirrors every.single.time.)

•clean toilet with toilet brush and spray down sink, toilet and tub/shower with disinfectant

•I leave one rag in the bathroom – I don’t wipe down the bathroom right away – I let the cleaner sit for a few minutes to completely clean and disinfect

•move on to the next bathroom and repeat (mirror, toilet, spray down everything)

•once I’ve done this in all the bathrooms, I go back to bathroom #1 and quickly wipe down everything – I wipe the toilet last (I use a new cotton rag in each bathroom to avoid any cross-contamination)

•I like to use a microfiber cleaning cloth or Mr. Clean sponge for my bathtubs and showers – it gets rid of any soap scum and any water marks with a quick wipe

Notice that I didn’t mention floors – I wash all the bathroom floors on Thursdays when I wash the floors in the whole house.

Curious about some of my cleaning favorites? You can go here to check them out.
See you back here on Wednesday for some Quick Clean Ideas for the week!