Friday is Menu Planning and Shopping Day, but it’s also a day to share the organizing project that I’ve decided to tackle via Pinterest for the week. My project is an ambitious one. I have been working on family photo wall. Understand that this will be my third round in as many years, so this time I want it to be as close to perfect as I can get. My issues with the previous photo walls that I’ve arranged was that the spacing was off and the frames would tip and tilt if a door was slammed or when the washing machine was spinning.
I started by taking all the frames down, filling the holes and repainting the hallway a darker color. I used Benjamin Moore’s EcoSpec (it’s a contractor grade no-VOC paint, so it’s a lot cheaper and doesn’t smell). The color? Revere Pewter in a flat finish – I love this color because it’s a light, warm grey so it can look tan too, depending on your surroundings.
I took all the frames and started to try to figure out a configuration. Here’s where Pinterest came in handy. I typed in ‘photo wall’ and started browsing different photo walls, pinned ones I liked and started trying to decide what look was best.
Here are a couple of my favorites:



So what I realized is that I like a large rectangle as the overall shape of the arrangement, but different sizes of frames within that rectangle or square.
So…I don’t have a completed wall to show you, but I have a couple ideas for  how I’m going to complete this wall (hopefully over the weekend). I still have to decide on some pictures to get enlarged too. Hopefully there’s some takeaway here for you if you are coming up with a photo wall at some point too.
1. Arrange frames on floor – once the arrangement is just right, make a template out of old wrapping paper. Tape the wrapping paper up on the wall and then position in place with painter’s tape. Mark where the frames will go.
2. Instead of using nails, I’m going to use these
Have you seen them? You can reposition and move frames without damaging your walls – no more swiss cheese walls. Nice.
3. I’m going to use black wood gallery frames from Pottery Barn – different sizes, white and taupe mats, for a cohesive look. Here’s a video from Pottery Barn on how to create a wall that’s helpful.
Tell me, did you conquer an organizing project this week?
I definitely bit off more than I could chew, but I made a lot of progress. Any family photo wall tips you’d like to share?