This week’s Pinterest Organizing project was some art supply ‘kits’ for my kiddos. This keeps the projects contained and more interesting to them because the supplies aren’t out all the time, keeping them special.

Here are a couple art supply ideas that I pinned on Pinterest:
Source: via Becky on Pinterest
Cute right?
I found these boxes at Target – $5.99 for 5 of them. The flat boxes on top were a different price – I’m going to use them for coloring books, papers, etc.
The colors are already the accent colors in the craft room, so these were a great find.
The kids and I sorted out some of their special (not every day) art supplies. Put them into bins and then I made labels for them. I used 3×5 Avery Labels then I went to the Avery website and created these labels in minutes.
A simple, but fun little organizing project.
Anyone working on Pinterest projects this week?