Today’s task is to vacuum – you can head back to last week’s post for a little more detail if you’d like, but today I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions.
When do you clean? I use a ‘pick up as you go’ method, so it seems like I’m cleaning and picking up all day long sometimes, but it works the best for our family. As for the daily and weekly tasks, I get up early and start a load of laundry, pick up a little here and there, and try to do some cleaning at that point while the house is quiet. My kids help when it’s appropriate (pretend vacuum, little dusters, cleaning cloths).
I can’t do your routine with my job outside of the home. Any suggestions? My clean a little bit every day method may be harder at first, but when you keep it up, it’s easier, because everything is cleaner and easier to maintain. You might not like the clean a little bit every day method – a once-a-week method might be better for you. I find that when I clean once a week, the house looks great for one day and then it’s ‘trashed’ the rest of the week. By cleaning a little bit everyday the house isn’t perfect, but I could whip it into shape if someone were dropping by. So my suggestion? Do what works for your family. Find a routine that works and stick with it until it isn’t working anymore. 
How much time do you spend cleaning? 15-20 minutes a day. I also do at least one load of laundry every day and that takes another 15-20 minutes. My kiddos are learning how to fold and put away their clothes, so that increases or decreases that time, depending on the day.
Is your house ever messy? Yep.
Any questions you’d like me to answer in the comments?
How’s the routine working for you?