February 24, 2012

Clean + Organized – Quick Clean Bucket


Last month I talked about my idea to put small cleaning buckets under each bathroom sink with a couple quick grab cleaning supplies. I ordered some cute plastic buckets, (these are the small totes) only to realize that they were on backorder. Not to worry, they finally arrived last week and I went to work stocking them with a few cleaning supplies.
What’s the point of a ‘Quick Clean Bucket’? If I’m in the bathroom supervising baths in the evening, I can do a quick wipe down and clean of counters and toilets. Or if I have a minute and notice that a counter needs to be wiped down, I don’t have to go and grab my big cleaning bucket in my mud room, I just grab what I need from under the counter. Really, it’s just a relocation of supplies in a more functional way. I also like that these containers are small and a flexible plastic. I can rinse them out if necessary, they were cheap, and they contain the necessary supplies in an easy way. I loaded up the buckets with supplies and put them under the bathroom sinks.
I’m sure that there are plenty of you out there that do this – do you also have a cleaning bucket as well? I am thinking that this might be a way to get rid of the big cleaning bucket. What do you think?

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