If you’ve been around here for a while or just starting following along, I hope that you are encouraged to clean and tidy up at your own pace and with whatever amount of time you have to spend. It might be five minutes in the morning before heading to work or during the three hours that your baby sleeps in the afternoon. Cleaning comes easily for me, I actually enjoy it, but it might not come easily for you. Hopefully you find some inspiration and tips that you can use and adapt for your home.
Today, I have a Clean + Organized Binder Page that you can use for your homekeeping binder or a cleaning and organizing binder to track progress in your home. You can go here to grab your own freebie. If you’re new to the homekeeping binder phenomenon, you can go here to see how I made mine.
What else could you put in your Clean + Organized Binder or folder?
How’s that for a little cleaning and organizing inspiration?
And how about a couple quick clean ideas for the weekend? (These quick clean suggestions that I have for you should only take 1-5 minutes each – so you can complete them quickly in between more important things that you may be doing.)
wipe down all door knobs
use an antibacterial wipe or two and quickly wipe down door knobs throughout your home – great for cold and flu season
clean your washing machine
wipe down the inside (door, rubber seal) with a rag and run it on the ‘clean washer’ cycle or super hot water. You can use a 1/2 cup of vinegar or a splash of bleach. I like to wash rags in the washing machine when I clean it so I get two things done at once.
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