Hey! It’s Wednesday and that means that it’s VACUUM day. My method? I start with a thorough vacuuming on my second floor, I vacuum the steps and then I move downstairs. When I vacuum, I vacuum all the floors – tile, wood, and carpet. I also use the attachments as needed and get corners and crevices. I find that by doing this once a week, the floors look fresh and clean all week long (for the most part). And yes, I only vacuum the whole house once a week. I do occasionally do touch ups with the vacuum, broom, or sweeper. A great thing about this technique is that all the floors are prepped for tomorrow – Thursday – floor washing day.
How about a couple Quick Clean ideas for the rest of the week?
Remember these should take you 1-5 minutes and can be done anytime you have a little bit of extra time.
stack up paper piles
set a timer for 5 minutes and make 2 piles – sort and toss. Then when you have another 5 minute increment to spare, file the sort papers.
spray and wipe down kitchen appliances
use a microfiber cleaning cloth to eliminate streaks
clean toaster
remove tray, wash it and do a quick wipe-down of the outside of the toaster
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