Today is vacuuming day – I start with a thorough vacuuming on my second floor, I vacuum the steps and then I move downstairs. When I vacuum, I vacuum all the floors – tile, wood, and carpet. I also use the attachments as needed and get corners and crevices. I find that by doing this once a week, the floors look fresh and clean all week long (for the most part). And yes, I only vacuum the whole house once a week. I do occasionally do touch ups with the vacuum, broom, or sweeper. A great thing about this technique is that all the floors are prepped for tomorrow – Thursday – floor washing day.

And I will tell you that I don’t wear a wrap like this one – fun, right?

How about a couple Quick Clean ideas for the week? Remember…these are intended to only take 1-5 minutes and boost your cleaning for the week if you have the time.
wipe down light switches
use a wipe and quickly wipe down all switches in your home
wipe down phones and remotes
use a wipe and quickly wipe all phones and remotes
clean out your cutlery drawer
empty out the cutlery tray, rinse and wipe out the drawer before returning cutlery
Any projects you’re working on this week?