It’s March 1st – I love this time of year – open windows, less layers, and spring cleaning time! We’ll be continuing our cleaning routine this month (did you grab this month’s cleaning schedule?) and doing a little spring cleaning while we’re at it.
Spring cleaning this month will be at your own pace, when it works in your schedule, with little ideas and tips and tricks along the way here on the blog. Grab a schedule, put it on your ‘fridge and do a few or all the tasks this month. The great thing about this spring clean is that you can do it anytime, so do it this month,  through March and April or wait until August.
Grab the Spring Clean {anytime} freebie printable here, print it out, put it somewhere where you’ll see it every day and as you can, complete and check off a task.
The first task is to toss/donate ______bags of stuff. Set a goal of how many bags of stuff you want to toss or donate. By quickly sorting through something (clothes, a cabinet, a drawer or box…) you’ll jumpstart your spring cleaning.
March is going to be really great – we’ll be continuing our cleaning routine, doing a little spring cleaning, and the last week of March I’m taking part in a spectacular organizing blog hop (I’ll introduce that later this week).