How to Have a Cleaner, Healthier Home

Germs. They’re everywhere and if you’ve ever experienced a round of the flu or a virus through your home you know it feels like a losing battle. This fall I’ve felt like we’ve been living in a petri dish. Anyone else feel the same? Is there anything that can be done to prevent the sickness and the germs from spreading?

Clean Bathrooms via Clean Mama

Here’s what I do and encourage the family to do as well:

  • change hand towels daily or use disposable towels
  • wash hands all. the. time.
  • wipe down remotes/phones/handles
  • clean bathrooms frequently
  • replace toothbrushes
  • clean bathrooms thoroughly

When everyone’s healthy, it’s all about keeping the house clean and tidy to keep everyone healthy. This is where a weekly cleaning routine really comes in handy. Keep your tasks on a schedule and just do what’s next on the list. Here are a couple of my routine cleaning tasks:

  • replace air filters as scheduled
  • vacuum frequently
  • wash bedding and bed linens weekly
  • wipe down counters daily
  • change hand towels daily
  • wash floors
  • dust weekly
  • keep the bathrooms clean

Are you’re doing all these things and still feeling like you’d like to do more? You’ll love some of the innovative products from The Home Depot. Today I’m sharing a couple of my favorite products perfect for keeping your home healthy and clean.

First off, let’s talk about showers. They are HARD to clean. And once you have them clean, they’re spotty and dirty again. I love this Delta Crestfield Sliding Oil-rubbed shower door. It looks great AND it has spot guard easy-clean coating.


delta shower

How about this Kohler Cimarron Touchless toilet  – isn’t this a great option? A no-touch motion sensor? Awesome.

kohler toilet

I love the farmhouse style of this Moen Walden kitchen faucet with Microban antimicrobial protection. It actually helps prevent the growth of damaging bacteria on the finish. The Spot Resist finish resists fingerprints and water spots to maintain the brilliance of the original finish and easily wipes clean.


Next time you’re at The Home Depot, swing by their cleaning supplies – you’ll be surprised by the selection of tools and products!


So what do you do to keep your home healthy? Share YOUR best tip for keeping your family healthy and your home clean!

Today’s post is sponsored by The Home Depot, rest assured, as always, I never recommend a product or company that I don’t love. You can read my full disclosure statement here .