You guys LOVED Cleaning Class and am excited to announce that it will be a regular thing here on the blog and on Instagram. Make sure you’re following me over on Instagram too! I thought I’d come in here with a bonus Cleaning Class because you guys had so many questions about those ‘deep cleaning’ tasks.

If you think you are too busy to do a cleaning routine, I will disagree and tell you that you’re too busy not to do a cleaning routine. Try it out this week with me and I think you’ll find that just starting with the daily tasks brings order and calm to your home. If you work outside the home and are still skeptical, read this post and come back here.

This past week we’ve been talking all about my DAILY and WEEKLY tasks – here they are again if you need a little refresher:

DAILY TASKS (these five tasks might change your life):
Monday – BATHROOMS + daily tasks
Tuesday – DUSTING + daily tasks
Wednesday – VACUUMING + daily tasks
Thursday – FLOOR WASHING + daily tasks
Friday – CATCH-ALL DAY + daily tasks
Saturday – SHEETS + TOWELS + daily tasks

The DAILY and WEEKLY tasks are intended to be a framework for a clean home. You’ll notice that as you continue to do the DAILY and WEEKLY tasks your home stays clean all week long.

Once you get in the groove with these tasks you’ll also feel like you might be able to add in a deep cleaning task or two because you have more time and cleaning isn’t such a chore anymore. That’s where the ROTATING CLEANING TASKS come in. If you take a peek at the free printable that details my cleaning routine you’ll see them on the right hand side.

Some of the Rotating Cleaning Tasks are repeated monthly, some are repeated bi-monthly, and others are repeated bi-annually. You can find the Rotating Cleaning Tasks in a couple places – on my free monthly cleaning calendar (available on my free printables page and sent to your inbox monthly with the newsletter if you are a subscriber), in the Homekeeping Society subscriptionHomekeeping Planner™, and in my books.

ROTATING CLEANING TASKS – these posts show HOW I complete some of the tasks:

How to Clean Baseboards
How to Clean a Washing Machine
How to Naturally Clean an Oven
How to Wash Walls
2 Ways to Wash Windows
How to Clean Window Blinds
How to Clean Upholstered Furniture
How to Use Vacuum Cleaner Attachments to Clean Just about Everything 
How to Wash Pillows + Bedding
How to Freshen a Mattress

I will typically complete the Rotating Cleaning Tasks on Fridays for Catch-All Day and/or when it makes sense to complete them during the week. For instance, if Washing Baseboards is on the list for a month, I’ll combine it with Thursday/ Floor Washing Day. Don’t think too hard about it, just add a couple of the tasks in when you can on Fridays and you’ll find that your home is oh-so-clean and you don’t have to think about it!

Please note: I do not always get to each and every rotating cleaning task or complete every single monthly focus. I use these as a guide in my home and that’s how I want you to use them too! Give yourself grace – do what you can, when you can do it and forget the rest. Remember – it’s just dirt, it’ll be there when you have time for it. Sometimes I’ll just say – I have 15 minutes before the kids get home from school, I’m going to see if I can tackle one or two of these tasks. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

MONTHLY FOCUS – an area of the home to focus on for the month
I love the Monthly Focus because it’s a chance to assess and organize every area of the home. I only share the Monthly Focus in the Homekeeping Society subscription, in the soon to be released, Homekeeping Planner (sign up here to get an email notification when it’s available and a free shipping coupon code), and in my books. The October Homekeeping Society subscription just went live today – you can see that the Monthly Focus for October is the Laundry Area.

Here’s what the Monthly Focus for October (Laundry Area) looks like:
DE-CLUTTER : clear laundry room or laundry area of unnecessary items
CLEAN : clean and wipe any shelves or drawers
DEEP CLEAN : washer and dryer
EVALUATE : what is/isn’t working
TOSS + DONATE : items that are no longer needed or wanted
ORGANIZE : group like items together
CONTAIN : use pretty containers to make supplies more attractive
LABEL : to make locating items easier and to unify the space
PRACTICE : take it out, put it away and do a load of laundry every day to keep it manageable

(Heads Up: Big changes are coming to Homekeeping Society for 2020 – the price is going up but if you are a current member you will be ‘grandfathered in’ and get all the awesome updates and changes included at the 2019 price.)

October Homekeeping Society

Here’s the thing – I truly want you to be able to do my routine and be successful with it regardless of your home size, the time you have available, your budget, and the amount of effort you want to put into it. I hope this helps you think about how you can include some of these deep cleaning tasks – if you are just with my routine this week, keep going with just the Daily and Weekly Tasks. Once you have those down, add the Rotating Cleaning Tasks and the Monthly Focus. You’ll find that taking the guesswork out of what you need and when you need to clean it frees up so much time, mental energy, in turn, getting your home clean efficiently and effectively.

If you haven’t checked out my free printables yet, I have two that will help you keep track of my cleaning routine – look under ‘clean home’ for Cleaning Routine at a Glance and Cleaning Routine Calendar. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to sign up ONE time for free printables access. Put in your email address, get an email with the password. Enter the password ONLY (no email) and you’ll have full access to all of the freebies.

Thank you again for joining me for CLEANING CLASS this past week!  I hope you continue with the routine next week – it gets easier every week! I can’t wait to hear about the difference my routine makes in your home.