As a cleaning expert and blogger, I have a lot of cleaning supplies and I truly enjoy cleaning and homekeeping. In order to keep supplies accessible, I use a closet in our mudroom as the prime storage area for supplies, tools, mops, brooms, etc. This system has been tweaked, organized and adapted over the years, and I’m happy to say that not only does it work, but it keeps cleaning simple and a little bit more fun.

Cleaning Closet Door - Clean Mama

Want to take a peek? The cleaning closet is in our mudroom so it’s the first room you walk into from the garage. The sole purpose of the mudroom in our home is a place to take off shoes, coats, and have a place to store backpacks. The cleaning closet is large and set up for coats or shoes, but we keep those on wall hooks and in a bench with baskets in lieu of the traditional closet system. This works well for us and with three young children it’s easier for them (and us) to be able to access their shoes and coats themselves.

Full Cleaning Closet - Clean Mama

Now, before I go any further, I will preface this by saying that you need to keep in mind that a.) I really LOVE to clean, b.) I wrote a book about making your own cleaning products, c.) I sell homekeeping products, and c.) I blog about cleaning and test out cleaning products and tools all.the.time. I’m sharing my cleaning closet with you to inspire you and give you ideas for organizing a system that might work for you 🙂  Also, I don’t keep a lot of bathroom cleaning supplies in the cleaning closet because I keep small bathroom cleaning caddies in the bathrooms.

First up is this hanging organizer (from Target) – I keep cleaning sponges, batteries, light bulbs, vacuum cleaner attachments, etc. in this organizer. It works really well and keeps things neat. You might spot the steam mop on the floor right next to it as well. I use the steam mop on all the tile in our home.

Hanging Organizer - Clean Mama

I’ve had cleaners on in this over-the-door pocket organizer for years and it works great for keeping things neat and accessible. I also keep long handled tools and floor cleaners on a hook rack. This works great and keeps them organized.

Full Cleaning Closet - Clean Mama

I keep empty glass bottles with sprayers in this as well – this makes it easy to mix up a cleaner any time.

Glass Bottles Close-Up - Clean Mama

On the top shelf of the closet I store three bins with often used products – cleaning tools, cleaning cloths, and floors + carpet supplies.

Cleaning Closet Boxes - Clean Mama

I love using microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning – they wash up beautifully, clean without streaks, and make cleaning a little more fun. You can find these in my Clean Mama Home shop 🙂

Cleaning Cloths - Clean Mama

Built-in shelves would be beautiful, but this little re-purposed bookshelf works fine in for now. I keep tools, cleaners, and cloths on the shelves. You can see how I organized my cleaning powders here. Simple and accessible.

Cleaning Closet Shelf - Clean Mama

Bar Mops and Floor Pads - Clean Mama

I keep bar mop cloths – great for cleaning – and floor mopping pads in plastic containers (these are from the Target dollar section).

Cleaning Closet Shelf Details - Clean Mama

Do you organize your cleaning supplies? Have a tip to share?

This post is in a little series called Home Tour.