Anyone need a wood floor refreshing? Dull floors, light scratches?
I love this Bona Hardwood Floor Refresher – it perks up my hardwood floors in no time, dries in an hour, and you can move your furniture back in place after 12-24 hours. The instructions say that you can use it every 3-4 months, but I find the results last about a year.
(I have used the professional and the regular floor refresher and prefer the professional results to the regular floor refresher.)
The process takes a little bit, but the results are totally worth it!
What’s the process?
1. Sweep or vacuum floors
2. Mop floors – make sure you do a thorough job to make sure that there aren’t any dirt particles that can get “varnished” into the coat of the refresher
3. Using a special wool applicator (from Bona), you squirt the refresher on your floor and spread it with your applicator attached to the Bona (or other mop base that has detachable/washable mop pads)
4. Work in small sections and spread the refresher on your floor in the direction of the wood grain
5. Allow the refresher to completely dry and enjoy floors that look like new again!
Bona floors doesn’t know who I am – I just love the results of this product! (Make sure you read the types of hardwood floors this works on before purchasing.)
I have a giveaway this week that will look great on your floors – stay tuned!