I bought and tried Seventh Generation’s new Wood Cleaner  (I found it at Target, but it isn’t on Target online yet to link you to) this weekend.
The packaging was attractive and this tag around the neck of the product got me to give it a whirl. It says it cleans and conditions naturally (and it does!).
So will I be returning it? 
NO – it works great, smells fabulous (lemon chamomile), and is a wonderful natural, non-toxic alternative to the traditional wood polish that you might be using or used to.
Where did I try it out?
Kitchen cabinets, kitchen table and chairs, dining room table and chairs, kids’ art table, stairs, tv stand, antique tables, wood high chair, mirrors…..
Did it work well on everything? 
How did I apply it? 
I sprayed it directly on the kitchen table, bench, chairs, and high chairs and I sprayed it on a microfiber cloth (shown in the first picture) and wiped the other furniture and cabinets.
I’ve added this to my cleaning faves page!
(Seventh Generation has no idea who I am – I bought this product, tried it, liked it and am sharing my find with you!)