We know that cleaning is easier when you have less stuff. There’s less to clean around and move, your home feels better, and you can find what you need when you need it. Through the years I’ve let go of a lot of items and prefer a semi-minimal decorating style. This is why there’s ‘Clutter’ as a Daily Task in the Clean Mama Routine. I still have to decide to put it into practice daily but it’s much easier than it used to be!

Cleaning is Easier When You Have Less Stuff (and how to actually let go of the excess)

KEEP SURFACES AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE. Clear surfaces are always easier to clean than full surfaces. This is obvious, but can be hard to put into practice in the day to day hustle and bustle. Here’s a quick how-to for the kitchen counters, I find that they’re the hardest area to keep clean and clear. Last week I took off a couple things that I’ve always kept on the sink – dishwasher tablets in a vintage mason jar and a glass jar with bar mop towels. Of course I still use those things daily but I am doing a little experiment to see if I mind grabbing them from under the sink (dish tabs) and from a drawer (bar mop towels). It’s okay to experiment and see what you can live without. So far, a week in, I’m enjoying the empty space more than the convenience. Start with your counters and once you have that habit built in, move on to other surfaces.

DECORATE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE. If you don’t love it, don’t keep it around. If you notice something out isn’t working for you anymore or that you can’t remember why you have it out to begin with, put it away for a bit and see if you miss it. If you don’t miss it, it’s time to let it go. I’m sentimental, I love to curate collections but I also love the way those collections feel when there’s less and we can enjoy the items. It’s also easier to dust around those collections when there’s less too.

DECLUTTER OFTEN. I list ‘clutter’ every day on my cleaning routine, that’s because I know that if clutter isn’t dealt with daily, it becomes a problem. Getting in the habit of putting things away after using them is a big step that will really help! If you’re not doing this now, do mini clean ups or resets during the day to ease into the it and deal with your mail daily.

LET SURFACES BREATHE. Completely clear multiple surfaces in a room, clean them and let them ‘breathe’ for a bit. You might like having those surfaces less decorated moving forward. If you’re unsure of what to decorate a surface with, remove everything and add back little by little until you reach a look that you love.

BE SMART ABOUT STORAGE. Most people and homes need some form of storage. When you buy furniture, look for pieces that serve multiple purposes. One of our coffee tables has small doors and we store games and puzzles in it. A dining room buffet can hold dishes, linens, and other dining room items.

GET RID OF STUFF. If you’re holding on to things that you no longer use or love, it’s time to get rid of them. Set a goal or daily ritual of decluttering a spot, filling a bag, setting a timer for 5-10 minutes, whatever works for your situation.

You can also join me for the the One Bag Quick Declutter for 2022? Every month on the 11th (you pick whatever day works for you), I’m going to do a quick declutter to ensure that I’m really getting down to a simpler home. Join me!  Go to this post for more info and the free printable.

What area of your home do your struggle with the most?  Are you ready to let go of some items to make cleaning easier?