January 4, 2012

Cleaning Tools

It’s Wednesday and that means that today’s daily cleaning task is to vacuum. I start with a thorough vacuuming on my second floor, I vacuum the steps and then I move downstairs. When I vacuum, I vacuum all the floors – tile, wood, and carpet. I find that by doing this once a week, the floors look fresh and clean all week long (for the most part). Of course, in between I might need to touch up an area, microfiber sweep the floors or sweep with a broom. The other good thing about this technique is that all the floors are prepped for tomorrow – Thursday – floor washing day.
During this month’s ‘event’, I’m going to talk about some cleaning tips and tricks that work for me on Wednesdays. Today, I’ll direct you to my Cleaning Faves page. This list isn’t complete, as I am adding to it, but it does talk about what products I use and can wholeheartedly endorse. I am asked all the time what products I use and to be honest, I think that the main thing about cleaning products is that they are green and safe to use around people – no hazmat suit required AND they work for you and your budget. I definitely have my favorites, but they are my favorites because I don’t need to worry about cleaning around my kids.
SO tell me – what’s your can’t live without cleaning product or tool?
New here? Make sure you check out this post for freebie printables and details about this month’s event!
See you on Friday for an organizing idea from Pinterest put into play in my home.


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