One of my favorite cleaning tools is a Magic Eraser. I buy them by the big box and have them in every cleaning bucket in my house. I love that the uses are seemingly endless and that they have no odor or cleaner in them (you can buy them this way, but I prefer the plain ones) and that they are safe to use around kids and pets. (I have tested a variety of brands, generic and otherwise, and I prefer the original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and they don’t know that I am writing this.)
My preferred method of using the magic eraser is just with water – I usually try to clean this way first and if it doesn’t get the mark or dirt off, I dip the magic eraser in a little soapy water or all-purpose cleaner mixed with a little warm water. Got a stain or mark or dirty spot that needs a little extra attention? Don’t waste your time with hardcore cleaners and elbow grease, grab your magic eraser and I bet you’ll get the mark off in no time.
Want to see where my magic erasers work their magic in my home?
Here are a couple tried and true favorites (if there’s a split picture, the before is on the left and the after is on the right – hopefully it’s an obvious difference)…..
fireplace – somehow my fireplace got some crayon marks on it (shocker)
linoleum – scuff marks removed
soap scum in the bathtubs and showers
dirty aluminum siding
baked on food on the oven and stove
window sills
removing stuck-on labels
Where do you use Magic Erasers? Any unexpected tips?