Welcome to THE CLUTTER CHALLENGE! I am so excited for you to join me!

Are you ready to get started? You’ll see that I’ve set the challenge up with a weekly checklist. Each week, we’ll work through different areas of your home and follow the checklist. You’ll notice that the checklist is loose so you can tackle all the week’s tasks on one day or spread them out over the week. And guess what – because I know neither of us will finish everything up, the last week is for catching up on anything uncompleted. Yes!

You’ll find that there’s a specific order in the free printable list for the month. It’s important that you follow this order for decluttering your home but complete it in a way that makes sense for your schedule. Some recommendations: one task a day, set a timer for 10-15 minutes, or 2-3 tasks a day until completed. This order matters because it will take you through the house in a logical, sequential, and efficient way.

Start with the DECLUTTER JUMPSTART – do one or two of these things every day this week.

  • whole house quick declutter – 3 bags out of the house (this can be trash or things that you want to donate)
  • floor declutter – pick up anything you can off the floors
  • surface declutter – clear surfaces + declutter
  • sort paper pile(s) from the last month or so
  • shred papers – shred papers from paper pile
  • file paperwork – file any paper work
  • sort mail daily – do this moving forward as you’re decluttering

CLEANING SUPPLIES – declutter your cleaning supplies and tools so you’ll be ready for the new year!

  • cleaning supplies
  • cleaning tools – scrub brushes, sponges, rags, etc.

LAUNDRY AREA – once you’ve finished the declutter jumpstart, take care of any piles of laundry and declutter your laundry area.

  • fold and put away any clothes
  • laundry baskets
  • laundry products
  • clear + clean surfaces

Every Monday for the month of January, I’ll post some tips for the week ahead right here on the blog (make sure you’re subscribing below). Read on for more, grab your checklist, and follow along! I’ll be posting daily as much as I can on Instagram Stories my personal progress with the hope that it inspires and helps you along the way too!

Just getting started? Here’s what you need to do:

See you back here each Monday for each week’s tasks in THE CLUTTER CHALLENGE!

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