Are you ready for week 5 of The Clutter Challenge? If you didn’t finish everything up from this challenge or even if you haven’t started, this week is for YOU! Look at your checklist and see what you didn’t complete and finish that up this week. Each week, we’ve been working through different areas of our homes following the checklist.

To celebrate completing the challenge this week and to help you continue with the momentum you’ve hopefully built, I’m having a quick sale in my Clean Mama Home shop – you can use the coupon to snag The Clutter Handbook and to purchase any other home goods you’ve had your eye on. Use the coupon code CLUTTERCHALLENGE for 15% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE! This sale is a quick one and will end at 10pm cst on Wednesday, January 31st.

The thing with clutter is that you have to keep up with it daily in order to keep it away for good. If you have more clutter that you want to tackle, I’d encourage you to keep going by purchasing The Clutter Handbook (or if you already purchased it, go find it and keep going). Pick up where we left off and keep going – here’s what comes next in The Clutter Handbook:

office space
digital clutter
paper clutter
basement, garage, storage

Do you have more clutter to clear? Keep going!

There’s also a link to a secret webpage with all my favorite organizing products linked up too that correlates with the handbook 🙂  You can peek at the page here – if you haven’t purchased the handbook you can purchase at the top of this page too 🙂


Every Monday for the month of January, I’ve been posting tips for the week ahead right here on the blog (make sure you’re subscribing below). Read on for more, grab your checklist, and follow along! I’ve been posting daily as much as I can on Instagram Stories my personal progress with the hope that it inspires and helps you along the way too! I saved everything for you so go and follow and take a peek. What are you catching up on this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments as to how the challenge went, what were your struggles, and what would you like help on with clutter moving forward?

Just getting started? Here’s what you need to do:

Here are links to each week:

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