October 16, 2016

Clutter Mini Challenge

I’m challenging myself (and you!) to a little CLUTTER MINI CHALLENGE this week! Follow along on Instagram for each daily challenge. I’ll be showing you my completed challenge in our home ‘live’ as it’s completed each day and sharing a couple posts throughout the week as well.


The premise is that with about 15 minutes each day, we can do a couple little decluttering tasks that will carry us through the busy holiday-filled months ahead. Living in a clutter-free home is a huge time saver but if you don’t have time to start, it’s probably feels overwhelming and impossible. This week let’s get started and make some progress! I’m linking up some posts here (just click on the image) that will be helpful if you’d like to check out what I’ve said before on decluttering. I’ll be posting all of my live progress on Instagram so follow along or peek over there each day.

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Ready for a mini challenge? Here are the tasks for each day:

MONDAY – Do a quick 15 minute declutter – grab a garbage bag or two and fill it up! Fill the bag with things that can leave the house – toss in the garbage or donate. A quick, fast and furious declutter session is the perfect way to kick off any decluttering project. Start in the main areas of your home and gather what you can in 15 minutes. Continue if you have more time and more clutter or just call it good after 15 minutes – it’s up to you!

5 Reasons to Declutter via Clean Mama

TUESDAY – Digital declutter – get rid of some digital clutter. Use Unroll.me to get rid of unwanted email subscriptions (this is a free service that I personally use and love – they have no idea who I am) or clean up your computer desktop or smart phone screen. Digital clutter is a real thing and it contributes to distraction and can even give you a little anxiety if you turn on your computer, tablet, or phone and are overwhelmed by unanswered or unopened emails. I find that I feel the best when I have an zeroed out inbox – I keep it this way by unsubscribing to things that aren’t helpful or uplifting and by making use of folders for keeping action items at the ready.


WEDNESDAY – Clear and declutter kitchen counters – clear counters = clean(er) kitchen. Quickly clear the kitchen counters of any clutter – mail, paper piles, school papers, trinkets, and any other items that you don’t use daily. Put things away, file the papers, and wipe down the counters with warm, soapy water.


THURSDAY – Tackle the paper pile – if you have more than one, choose the worst offender. Paper clutter is exhausting and can quickly take over a large space in no time. I deal with mail on a daily basis and find that it’s the best way to keep the paper clutter away for good. Nothing piles up, the counters are cleared off and I don’t get that overwhelming feeling when I walk into the kitchen or my office. Make that your goal and just deal with one pile today and keep going with a pile every day until you get rid of the piles.

8 Ways to Get a Handle on Paper Clutter via Clean Mama

FRIDAY – Go through your refrigerator, toss expired items and wipe down shelves. I like to do this on Fridays, make a menu plan for the week ahead, and then head to the grocery store. This is a huge timesaver in so many ways during the week. The fridge is clean and stocked AND I know what we’re eating.

The Best Way to Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator via Clean Mama

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