Trader Joe’s has great, cheap coffee. Here are the last two selections we tried:
My kids got some longer markers that were annoying to keep on trying to fit into the plastic-sleeve package. I decided to see if they’d work in the coffee containers and they did. I carefully rinsed them out (inside only) and dried them on a sunny windowsill and we started storing our markers in the containers.
They are the perfect height and size to hold this big pack of markers and because they are paper on the outside and aluminum on the inside, they are are a great candidate to cover with paper. So this is what we did:
Cut paper (not card stock) to fit the height of the container.
Apply glue (I used Elmer’s Glue-All) to the back – spread it around with a piece of cardboard.
Carefully apply to the container, making sure to smooth it out as you go so there aren’t any bumps.
There was a gap, so I applied a strip of coordinating paper.
Then to label the marker containers, we added letter stickers –   one is for warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) and one is cool colors (blues, greens, purples).
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