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This month I’m doing a Come Clean Challenge to jump start the 2016 cleaning calendar theme – Come Clean in 2016. Each week this month I’ll have simple, daily tasks to work on – don’t worry about getting everything done, work on a little something every day and your kitchen will be cleaner than it was at the beginning of the week. For instance, for small appliances, you can just clean your coffee maker or if you have more time, tackle all of your small appliances. Make the challenge work for you and your schedule but don’t get discouraged by what you can’t accomplish, concentrate on what you can get done in short chunks of time.

Not sure how to incorporate cleaning the kitchen AND keeping up with other household tasks? Here’s what I do….

Start with the daily tasks and make sure those get completed – wipe counters, check floors, one load of laundry, clutter THEN when those are completed or started, I do the weekly tasks – Monday is bathrooms day, Tuesday is dusting day, etc. I work QUICKLY and get the task finished up in about 15 minutes. This week I’ll be working in the kitchen during meal prep times – so while I’m prepping lunches or cooking dinner I’ll probably be clearing the counters, cleaning a small appliance or two, and cleaning out the refrigerator. Think of ways to maximize your time in the kitchen by adding another task or two to what you’re already working on. This simplifies cleaning the kitchen and makes that time I already am spending in the kitchen more worthwhile.

On the checklist for this week and a little bit of direction:

  • Clear and Clean Kitchen Counters – start by completely clearing the counters. Put everything on your kitchen table, wipe the counters with your favorite cleaner and put only the things that you use at least weekly back on the counters.
  • Clean Small Appliances – wipe down your small appliances. If you have time to clean them more extensively, take the time to do it!
  • Purge and Clean Refrigerator and Freezer – empty the refrigerator, wipe it clean and put the food back. Repeat the same process with your freezer.
  • Clean Oven – use your self-cleaning option and/or look below for how I clean my oven with natural ingredients.
  • Clear and Clean Pantry – empty your pantry or food storage cupboard and get rid of any expired items. If you have extra pantry items that you don’t know if you’ll use (and they haven’t expired) donate them to your local food pantry.
  • Drawers and Cupboards – choose one or two drawer or cupboards (or more) and completely empty, get rid of unused items, wipe clean and return items.
  • Catch Up on any Uncompleted Tasks – Run out of time or energy to complete tasks during the week? Catch up on this day!

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Come Clean Challenge - Clean Mama

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