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This month I’m doing a Come Clean Challenge to jump start the 2016 cleaning calendar theme – Come Clean in 2016. Each week this month we’ve been doing simple, daily tasks – and this is our LAST week of the challenge. I hope that you’re finding that your house is cleaner and more organized than it was at the beginning of the challenge.

As you’re doing the challenge, I’ve designed it to work WITH my cleaning routine. For instance, when you’re vacuuming on Wednesday (vacuuming day), you’ll see that clean and wash baseboards is the task for the day. Make the challenge work for you and your schedule but don’t get discouraged by what you can’t accomplish, concentrate on what you can get done in short chunks of time.

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Not sure how to incorporate deep cleaning your bedrooms AND keep up with other household tasks? Here’s what I do….

Start with the daily tasks and make sure those get completed – wipe counters, check floors, one load of laundry, clutter THEN when those are completed or started, I do the weekly tasks – Monday is bathrooms day (follow my speed clean plan to get started), Tuesday is dusting day, etc. I work QUICKLY and get the task finished up in about 15 minutes. This week I’ll be working on bedrooms as I can and with the weekly tasks incorporated as much as possible. Think of ways to maximize your time and effort by adding another task or two to what you’re already working on.

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On the checklist for this week and a little bit of direction:

  • THOROUGH DUSTING OF ALL SURFACES, LAMPS, AND LIGHT FIXTURES – Do a quick dust of any light fixtures. I use this duster and/or my soft bristle vacuum cleaner attachment. If you have glass light fixtures and they are really dusty (and you have time) you can remove them and wash in your kitchen sink with warm soapy water. A lint roller works great for getting the dust off lamp shades.
  • CLEAN AND VACUUM UNDER BEDS – While dusting (Tuesday is dusting day) incorporate checking under the beds, cleaning out anything unnecessary and vacuuming under the beds if you are able.
  • VACUUM/WASH BASEBOARDS – After vacuuming (vacuuming day) take the time to use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to get the edges, corners, and baseboards. Then wash your baseboards thoroughly. If you have little ones that want to help, baby wipes work great for this task.
  • CATCH UP ON LAUNDRY/PURGE LAUNDRY – If you’ve fallen behind on laundry this week, take some time today to get caught up. While you’re folding clothes, put anything that no longer fits correctly or has seen better days in a toss or donate basket and take it to your favorite donation center or toss it.
  • WASH PILLOWS – Get your bedding in tip top shape this week by washing any bed pillows that are launder-able. Check out this tutorial to get them in like new condition in no time.
  • CATCH UP ON ANY UNCOMPLETED TASKS – Did you run out of time or energy to complete tasks during the week? Catch up on this day!
  • FINAL SWEEP THROUGH HOME – QUICK CLEAN – Get ready for the week ahead by making sure surfaces remain cleaned off and everything is tidied up. Relax and enjoy the new habits you’ve formed and the tidy home you’ve achieved this month!
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Come Clean Challenge - Clean Mama

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