Happy New Year and 2016! I’d love to invite you to participate in the COME CLEAN Challenge this January – it’s the perfect way to channel that desire to clean and organize everything. I’ve coordinated the challenge with my cleaning routine to make it super easy to implement and of course it’s complete with room for catching up each week. Want to join me?

Come Clean Challenge - Clean Your Home and Get Into a Cleaning Routine - Clean Mama

The cleaning theme for 2016 is COME CLEAN. Every month I have a FREE cleaning calendar (grab January’s here) – add that to the challenge for January and you’ll be well on your way to a clean house, a new routine, and habits that will follow you all year long.

Come Clean 2016 - Clean Mama


  • Print off your worksheet and calendar for the month – prepare yourself and get ready to get your home clean, tidy, and organized.
  • We’ll start off with 3 days to get rid of clutter – I’ll have a post on December 31st with some quick tips to get rid of clutter in a hurry.
  • Then, each Monday in January I’ll give you a focus space for the week – you can see them on the calendar. On that same post on Monday, I’ll give you a handful of tips and posts to refer to during the week. Work at your own pace, do what you can and worry about progress, not completion at this point. Each daily task corresponds with my cleaning routine so you’ll be working smarter, not harder 🙂
  • Follow along (subscribe in the sidebar) for motivational posts and tips to keep up with the daily and weekly tasks. I also post daily reminders on Instagram and Facebook and have a new private Facebook group too called Homekeeping Society (just ask to join and I’ll add you) – it’s great for support and to meet others that are following along with my cleaning routine.
    Come Clean Challenge - Clean Mama

Get your FREE Come Clean Challenge worksheet here and the cleaning calendar for January 2016 here!

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