This month we’ve been doing the Come Clean Challenge to jump start the 2016 cleaning calendar theme – Come Clean in 2016. Each week this month we’ve been doing simple, daily tasks and incorporating them into monthly cleaning routine. I hope that you’re finding that your house is cleaner and more organized than it was at the beginning of the challenge.

Come Clean Challenge Wrap-Up

Now that the Come Clean Challenge is over, how can you keep up with your homekeeping in the midst of life? Start by grabbing the FREE February cleaning calendar here.

February 2016 Free Cleaning Calendar - Clean Mama

Make sure you’re getting the support and encouragement you need to keep on cleaning! Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and join my private Facebook group – Homekeeping Society – you’ll love the support and other people completing tasks right also side each other. My monthly subscription – HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY is a great way to keep up with the dailies – go here to check it out.

Then, every day, start with the daily tasks and make sure those get completed – wipe counters, check floors, one load of laundry, clutter THEN when those are completed or started, complete the weekly tasks – Monday is bathrooms day (follow my speed clean plan to get started), Tuesday is dusting day, etc. I work QUICKLY and get the task finished up in about 15 minutes. Think of ways to maximize your time and effort by adding another task or two to what you’re already working on.

Today is the day for a FINAL SWEEP THROUGH HOME – QUICK CLEAN – Get ready for the week ahead by making sure surfaces remain cleaned off and everything is tidied up. Relax and enjoy the new habits you’ve formed and the tidy home you’ve achieved this month!

Check out this post with my 3 favorite speed cleaning posts – SPEED CLEANING TO THE RESCUE.

Come Clean Challenge - Clean Mama

New here? You can still get your FREE Come Clean Challenge worksheet here and complete the challenge anytime!

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