September 16, 2009

Condiment Caddy

I love condiments. I really, really love them. They add that extra something to my morning coffee or tea, a favorite spice or sprinkle is just what it takes to make a dish “just right”. I also love having my condiments (non-refrigerated ones, of course) on the counter. My only hangup is that I don’t like the mess that said condiments can leave. Salt, pepper, cinnamon sugar, honey on my counter cramps my Clean Mama style. So I started looking for something that could house my little condiments and contain the crumbs. The condiment caddy is nothing new – type it into and you will find a plethora of condiment caddies that you might like. I wanted something that no one else was using as a condiment caddy that looked comfortable in my kitchen. I have Fiesta White dinnerware (if you are in the market for dinnerware, it is phenomenal – we still haven’t broken a dish in almost 10 years) and I set out to find something that matched. After looking at the big box stores and department stores, I found that Fiesta had a bread tray that might work. Ah, my favorite dinnerware had a condiment solution for me. Here it is at Amazon if you are interested. I bought two and use one for entertaining (salt and pepper shakers, toothpicks….) and the other finds its home on my counter, by the coffee pot, at the ready for when my condiment craving calls. Do you have something special for your condiments?

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