Welcome to the Countdown to Clean! I’m so excited that you are joining in on the fun! Embarking on a new cleaning journey might feel a tad overwhelming, but every great routine begins with preparation. Over the next 10 days, I’m going to guide you through essential steps to set you up for success. Each day will bring a simple and impactful tip, designed to mentally and physically prep you and your home. By the end of the 10 days, you’ll be ready to jumpstart your routine and prepared to start (or reset) a cleaning routine. Let’s countdown to clean together!

Each of these tips are emailed out daily, September 5-14, 2023 – catch up below!


Before diving into a routine, clear out any unnecessary clutter. Here are your steps for today:

  • Grab a garbage bag.
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  • Move quickly and gather up anything that you can toss and get rid of.
  • Look for things on surfaces and on the floor, we’re concentrating on main areas today.


Having the right supplies is a great way to start a new routine. Here are your steps for today:

  • Assess your cleaning supplies. (In case you need some supplies, one of the bonuses in the Jumpstart Your Routine Course is a 20% off coupon to the Clean Mama Shop!)
  • Is there anything that is almost empty or that you no longer use? 
  • Simplify what you have to make things easier and more affordable.
  • Make a list of anything that you might need: can you just use an all-purpose cleaner, a disinfectant, and a scrubbing powder for now?  Do you need any new supplies?
  • Check out this post for some ideas on putting together a simple cleaning caddy.


Go through one area (like a bathroom drawer or kitchen cupboard) and toss expired or no longer used products. Here are your steps for today:

  • Choose your area – start with just a drawer or cupboard, keep it simple.
  • Is there anything that is almost empty or that you no longer use?
  • Remove the items from your area, tossing anything that is expired and/or no longer needed.
  • Do a quick wipe down of the cupboard or drawer.
  • Group like items together.
  • Return those items to your space and arrange in a way that makes sense for what task the area accomplishes.


Use a caddy or tote to gather and transport your most commonly used cleaning supplies. This makes is easier to move from room to room. Here are your steps for today:

  • Check your list from Day 2 – do you need to make any additions/changes or assess what you determined you would use?
  • Gather your supplies in one caddy so you can easily move from room to room.
  • Alternatively, consider if making separate cleaning caddies or spots might be a better option. I like a bathroom cleaning caddy under bathroom cupboards, kitchen cleaning supplies, a dusting caddy, and a cleaning closet.
  • Group items together.
  • Place your caddy/caddies where you’ll use them!


Create an upbeat cleaning playlist. Music can make cleaning feel like less of a chore and even turn it into a fun activity.

  • Have some fun and make your very own cleaning playlist. Think of music that motivates you and makes you happy.
  • Share it with a friend!
  • Need some inspiration or don’t want to make a playlist? Use one of mine!


Remember, the goal is progress, not perfection. It’s okay if you miss a day or if everything isn’t spotless. Celebrate the small victories.

  • Today’s assignment is simple – think through how you can best fit a little routine in your life. Consistency is the secret to a clean house!
  • The magic of the Clean Mama Routine is that there’s built-in rest and relaxation AND plenty of room for real life. Friday is a Catch-All Day – a day to catch up on anything not completed. Sunday is just the Daily Tasksand definitely a day of rest and relaxation.
  • If you want to do something today, feel free to catch up on a day or just rest in knowing that with the Clean Mama Routine you’ll get to everything but it doesn’t all have to be done in one day or at the same time – hooray!


Try doing one of the Daily Tasks today. Notice how it feels and how long it takes. Adjust as necessary.

  • We’re getting so close to jumping into a routine and real change in your home – today we’re going to do one of the Daily Tasks.
  • It’s amazing how clean your home will feel just by implementing the Daily Tasks in the Clean Mama Routine. Choose one to try today: Make Beds, Wipe Counters, Check Floors, Clutter, Laundry. Not sure which one to start with? Make your bed or do a quick 5-10 minute declutter in an area that makes you feel stressed.
  • Have the Daily Tasks down? Add in the Weekly Task – today is Monday so it’s Bathrooms Day. Check out this post for how I clean bathrooms in 15 minutes.


Take a day off from any major cleaning. Reflect on why you want a clean home. Is it peace of mind? Safety? Aesthetics? Knowing your ‘why’ can be motivating.

  • It’s okay to relax and recharge – this is a key component in the Clean Mama Routine. Get used to not cleaning for hours on end and relaxing in knowing that you are ‘done for the day’.
  • Think through why you want to start a cleaning routine. Commit to starting with 10-15 minutes a day and seeing where that takes you.


Cleaning isn’t just one person’s responsibility. Talk to your family members and see how they can help. Assign tasks based on age and ability.

  • When you have tasks planned out for you (aka the Clean Mama Routine), it takes the guesswork out of cleaning. Bonus: you have specific tasks already listed that you can easily ‘assign’ to family members.
  • Make it simple! Today is vacuuming day (Wednesday) – if you have little kids, ask them to clean up their toys so you can vacuum. If you have older kids, have them vacuum their own rooms, help with the whole house vacuuming, or take turns with who vacuums each week.
  • Get everyone involved – this really depends on work schedules and who is home and when they’re home, but talking through the cleaning schedule and routine makes everyone aware of what it takes to keep a home tidy.
  • Just start!  It might take a bit for everyone to get involved and that’s okay! Little by little, as your home gets consistently cleaned, you’ll see your family members start to pitch in and help.


If you’re planning to officially start your cleaning routine in the morning, set your alarm a bit earlier than usual. This ensures you have ample time to complete your tasks without feeling rushed.

Don’t miss the live session of the Jumpstart Your Routine Course! Jumpstart Your Routine is my favorite course because it helps you get into a routine in a refreshing way while showing you exactly how to get the clean home of your dreams in only 15 minutes a day or less. By the end of the course, you’ll be working with a proven, effective, and easy cleaning routine, without any question of what to do, when to do it, and how to keep it going.