This week I’m re-doing a couple of cute shelves that didn’t sell in my last garage sale. So I guess you could say that I shopped my own sale. They fit in nicely in our last house, but the color and style is a bit off for my kitchen in this house. I got to thinking that I need some shelving in my craft room, so what better place to make them for, right?
Here are the two little shelves: 
This off-white one has herb labels on it – I saved them for something else, someday.
I removed the hardware.
Filled the holes with spackle/wood filler.
Lightly sanded them down to smooth out the spackle/wood filler and to “rough up” the surface to prepare it for the spray paint.

Sprayed away with my new favorite spray paint. I needed two cans – totally worth it.
I sanded in-between the 4 layers of paint. 

I decided the white shelves needed a little sprucing up so I got out my craft paint and paint brushes.
I painted the knobs on the vertical shelf the two colors that I’ve accented the craft room with. I also painted the little cracks in the larger shelf green.
I added some dots to the knobs of the vertical shelf.
Here’s a great art teacher tip for painting perfect dots: dip the non-bristle end of the paintbrush in your paint and make your dots. Works perfectly every time.
Here are the shelves ready for a new spot in the craft room. Next week I’ll show you how I arranged them, added crafty supplies and labels.
Do you have any shelves you could re-purpose and paint?
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