Hanging fun art on the walls of my craft/art/learning room is important to me. I found these really fun number cards and was inspired to create a way to hang them. Nothing matched my color scheme, so I schemed to make some. Do you want to make some too?

Here’s what you need….

  1. clothespins – I bought a package of itty-bitty ones at Michael’s
  2. some type of wood cut-out to glue on top of the clothespin – I chose 1″ plain circular disks (also from Michael’s)
  3. acrylic craft paint – I like Apple Barrel 
  4. paint brush and water
  5. glue – I used my glue gun, but you can use craft or super glue 

    Once you have your supplies, this is what you do….

    1. paint clothespins and wood cut-outs
    2. glue the two pieces together – the wood cut out should cover up the metal part of the clothespin
    3. thread string through the holes of the clothespins 
    4. put nails or hooks in/on the wall where you want your wall art to be hung
    5. hang clips and art

    And there you have it – hand-made wall clips!