With summer upon us we’re updating our household chores and expectations around the house. At the beginning of the school year I tried something different with my older kids (upper elementary) and I am happy to say that it was really effective and a great way to gently remind them of their responsibilities. You can see the post from last September on Instagram here.

Summer calls for a different structure and list – want to see what my kids are up to this summer?

You can make one of these for your kids (or yourself) – it’s super easy. This is more of a reference list than an actual checklist. I’ve found that by simply having it in clear view in their bedrooms with the combination of asking if they’ve made it through their list, is so simple, easy and habit forming. You can use the one that my kids are using or create one just for your kids.

What you’ll need:

  • list – typed or written
  • laminator (if you’d like)
  • paper trimmer or scissors
  • clip to hang

Here’s the list my kids and I came up with – they understand each task and know HOW to complete it. I’ve also included ‘now what activities’ on the list. These are open-ended things like reading, drawing, writing a letter to a family member, working in a workbook, doing something nice for someone else, etc. You can have these ideas posted somewhere or just talk about them.

Steps to Take:

  1. print your list (grab the one that my kids are using for free here)
  2. trim to size
  3. laminate if you’d like
  4. hang with a clip, on the refrigerator, or on a bulletin board

Simple, effective, and oh-so helpful for ending the nagging and reminding.

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