Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here! This month is going to be a simple introduction into the daily cleaning routine that I have been following for years – several of the products in my shop are centered around this routine. It’s designed around my ‘clean a little bit every day’ philosophy.

Forget cleaning the house once a week, just get into the habit or routine of cleaning for a few minutes every day and within the month, your home will be cleaner, you’ll be more relaxed about having people drop in, and you’ll have time for things that really matter.

Every week (on Saturday) I’ll have a free printable (go here to grab this week’s schedule) that you can use to follow the daily cleaning schedule in your home.

Come here every day for the schedule, some helpful cleaning tips and a little encouragement.

Here’s our Cleaning Routine for today:


(wash sheets and towels)
Sweep Floors
(quick sweep of any hard floors that need it – I concentrate on my kitchen)
Wipe counters
(wipe down bathroom counters-if needed, wipe down kitchen counters, make sure sink is clean and dishes are in/out of dishwasher)
(quick declutter of any areas that need it – mail, toys, shoes, clothes, etc.)
(do at least one load every single day)

Okay, that’s it – go get started – and don’t worry about doing everything at once. I find that it’s helpful to do a little bit when it works for me throughout the day – or evening.