It’s Day 15 of 31 Days to a Clean House!
(did you see the Seventh Generation giveaway?)
I made a printable for us to track our progress, you could just take it and run, but I think you’ll like the daily motivation and tips and tricks that this series will provide. So come back every day for the assignment and check off your progress as we go. You can go here to grab the free printable.
If you want to keep up on other daily cleaning tasks using my simple routine you can check out my free October cleaning schedule – to learn more about my cleaning routine and how I make cleaning a little bit every day an easy and manageable thing that we do. I have more free printables here too!
 Today is the last day that we’ll be working our way through our kitchen appliances (yes, I just realized that I switched oven and dishwasher up, oops!) – you could do this all in one day, but if you’d like to do a little more thorough job and/or not fall behind on any other tasks, just tackle it along with the schedule.
method #1:   If you have a self-cleaning oven, you can do this option, but because this can be a smelly job, do a quick clean up of any food particles and do this when you can properly ventilate your kitchen with open windows or doors
method #2:  heavily spray a non-toxic degreaser or all-purpose cleaner in the interior of the oven and shut the door, letting the cleaner work on the grease and such for at least an hour. Come back with a wet sponge and bucket and wipe down the interior. Continue wiping until all grease and food is removed
method #3:  use an all natural/ non-toxic scouring/scrubbing/abrasive cleaner – water and baking soda mixed up into a paste works well, I also like Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox’s Soft Cleaning Scrub
Stove Top: Remove grates and liners (if possible) and wash in the dishwasher. Spray stovetop with cleaner and let sit for a couple minutes. Wipe clean with a sponge or microfiber cloth