You’re back – yay! If you haven’t grabbed a printable for the week, go here for yours.
Sundays are a day of rest (church and family time) at our home, so I just do the basics – no extra tasks.

Sweep Floors

(quick sweep where necessary – usually just the kitchen)
Wipe counters
(wipe down bathroom counters-if needed, wipe down kitchen counters, make sure sink is clean and dishes are in/out of dishwasher)
(quick declutter of any areas that need it – mail, toys, shoes, clothes, etc.)
(do at least one load every single day)

See you back here tomorrow – just so you know, all posts will be on my blog at 6am cst for this event. So if it works for you to check on the day’s tasks first thing in the morning, the post will be waiting for you.