It’s Day 22 of 31 Days to a Clean House!
I made a printable for us to track our progress, you could just take it and run, but I think you’ll like the daily motivation and tips and tricks that this series will provide. So come back every day for the assignment and check off your progress as we go. You can go here to grab the free printable.
If you want to keep up on other daily cleaning tasks using my simple routine you can check out my free October cleaning schedule – to learn more about my cleaning routine and how I make cleaning a little bit every day an easy and manageable thing that we do. I have more free printables here too!
Yesterday we wiped down our laundry rooms and washers and dryers and today we’re going to clean the inside of our washer and dryer. This is something that should be done monthly (at least) if you have an HE washer to keep the smellies away.
Here’s a super simple cleaning trick to use – run your washer first with bleach (not safe or environmentally friendly, but it’s what is recommended for cleaning my HE machine and it works better than anything else for me) or you can use white vinegar instead. Follow your washer’s instructions for an amount – I use about a quarter to two-thirds of a cup per recommendations, but if you have a top loading washer you can use up to a cup of bleach or white vinegar. I recommend going with a quarter of a cup first and seeing how that works.  Run your washer on ‘clean washer’ mode OR use the super hot/sanitize cycle.
Once your washing machine has cleaned your washer for you, while it’s still wet, wipe out the rubber seal on the door and the inside of your machine.
Always, always, leave the door open to keep air flowing in your washing machine when it isn’t in use – this will keep the bacteria and smell away.
Cleaning your dryer is quite a bit easier – clean out your lint trap (you should do this after every load), wipe down the inner seal and door, and you’re done.
SO tell me – how do you clean your washer and dryer? Any other tips and tricks?Stay tuned this week for a DIY makeover challenge that I’m part of through – I used one of their products as an inspiration for a little laundry room makeover. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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