October 23, 2012

Day 23 – 31 Days to a Clean House

It’s Day 23 of 31 Days to a Clean House!
I made a printable for us to track our progress, you could just take it and run, but I think you’ll like the daily motivation and tips and tricks that this series will provide. So come back every day for the assignment and check off your progress as we go. You can go here to grab the free printable.
If you want to keep up on other daily cleaning tasks using my simple routine you can check out myfree October cleaning schedule – to learn more about my cleaning routine and how I make cleaning a little bit every day an easy and manageable thing that we do. I have more free printables here too!
Today and tomorrow we’ll be working on our windows. Most definitely a daunting task. Here are a few ideas for how to quickly tackle the windows: split your windows in half – you can tackle your first floor today and your second floor tomorrow or you could count up your windows and divide them in half. Because we’re trying to keep this under 15 minutes and your windows could take more than an hour, you can choose to take the time to do them over the course of the next two days, or you can choose to wash your worst-looking windows and save the rest for another time.
I’ve blogged about it a few times, so you may have heard me talk about it before, but this is my favorite method for washing windows. I like it because it’s quick, easy, and streak-free…..
squeegee, a plastic container with hot water and a teaspoon of powdered dish detergent
I bought this Quickie brand window washer and squeegee – after using the washer and squeegee combo, I think that’s the way to go because you can scrub the window a bit before squeegee-ing it off
Window Washer & Squeegee
This method is fool proof and it works really well on the exterior windows, too. The handle let me reach to get those taller windows that I’d normally need a step ladder to get to. I used a rag to wipe up drips on the window sills from the soapy mixture and a towel on the floor underneath my work surface – you’ll need those.
If you don’t have the squeegee, order it and do a couple of your worst windows today or tomorrow – OR maybe you have a better method? If so, tell us what it is!

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31 Days to a Clean House