October 4, 2011

Day 4

Dust House

Tuesday is dusting day. Rule #1 for me with dusting is to keep out things that we love and need. If it just collects dust, it’s not worth moving every week to dust under. Especially with little kids, I have a minimal amount of “stuff” on display just so I don’t have to worry about anything happening to it. I love antiques and vintage things, but some will just have to stay in storage for the next couple of years.
Here’s a picture of my dusting arsenal:

I only use microfiber cloths and a dusting mitt  for dusting. I use a large extendable reach duster for cobwebs and hard to reach ceilings and I have a couple little feather duster type things that the kids use as we dust through the house, but no Pledge or any other dusting products. I have a beeswax polish that I love to dust with once a month or so, but that’s pretty much it. I work from top-down and quickly go through the house dusting all the hard surfaces, staircase and railings, tvs and furniture.

Then the daily tasks….

Sweep Floors
(quick sweep of any hard floors that need it – I concentrate on my kitchen)
Wipe counters
(wipe down kitchen counters, make sure sink is clean and dishes are in/out of dishwasher)
(quick declutter of any areas that need it – mail, toys, shoes, clothes, etc.)Laundry
(do at least one load every single day)

So tell me dear readers, how are you doing with the cleaning a little bit every day routine?