A little ‘housekeeping’…..I finally figured out how to change the time that feedburner sends out my blog posts. It’s now 7-9am CST, so if you haven’t added Clean Mama to your feeds, you might want to do that so you have the day’s cleaning routine in your inbox in the morning. Yay!

And now onto Wednesday’s cleaning routine…
Vacuum House
I have a Bissell Healthy Home vacuum cleaner – it has great attachments and does a great job. I also just purchased a Hoover MultiCyclonic Canister  vacuum cleaner that I love – my preschooler loves using it in the kitchen and family room, too! I do corners and edges each week to keep up with the dog hair, crumbs, and whatever else may lurk. I also vacuum corners in the bathrooms and hardwood floors – this helps out with my floor washing on Thursdays.
So how about you – any “fun” vacuuming tips?
And the rest of the day’s tasks…
Sweep Floors
(this doesn’t need to necessarily be done if you do a good vacuuming)
Wipe counters
(wipe down kitchen counters, make sure sink is clean and dishes are in/out of dishwasher)
quick declutter of any areas that need it – mail, toys, shoes, clothes, etc.)
(do at least one load every single day)

New here? Make sure you grab a printable for the week. (There will be a new printable each week for you to follow along with.)
Want to see what we’ve been up to so far?
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Thank you again for joining in on the fun – I hope you are starting to see some progress in your cleaning routine!