Before we get started, I just want to thank you for coming here every day and participating in this challenge! I know it’s difficult to clean with or without little ones around and with work and play schedules, but hopefully you are finding a couple minutes every day to tidy up.

  Wash Floors

Before I wash floors, I do a quick once over with my Rubbermaid Reveal Mop Dusting pad to get the dog hair and dust. I vacuumed edges yesterday, so this only takes a couple minutes. Then on ‘wash floors’ day, I wash all the hard floors in my home. I have a combination of hardwood (kitchen, entryway, and powder room), tile (bathrooms), and linoleum in the mud room and laundry room. Most weeks I use my Black and Decker Steam Mop for all of these spaces and then if I need to do a little touch up during the week (rarely happens, just too busy), I use my Rubbermaid Reveal Mop. I really like that with either of these mops, the floor washing pad can be tossed in the washing machine after each use.
What do you use to wash your floors? Traditional mop and bucket, hands and knees….any timesaving tips you’d like to share?
Then the daily tasks….
Sweep Floors
(quick sweep of any hard floors that need it – I concentrate on my kitchen)
Wipe counters
(wipe down kitchen counters, make sure sink is clean and dishes are in/out of dishwasher)
(quick declutter of any areas that need it – mail, toys, shoes, clothes, etc.)
(do at least one load every single day)