I’ve been doing some de-clutttering this month and my biggest success has been my office. It wasn’t overly messy, but it just didn’t feel like it had purpose. I needed a little organization and some wall storage to take some of the excess off my desk. It’s amazing what happens when wall space is effectively utilized in a space like an office. When desk space is opened up it creates a more creative atmosphere for me because I’m not looking at what needs to be filed or tossed. Our office has a couple purposes – work, bill paying, tracking household chores and tasks, homework (sometimes), working out (yes, there’s an elliptical machine in this room), and any other purpose that it’s needed for in the moment.

Enter the Martha Stewart Home Office Wall Manager. Boards, drawers and shelves, caddies, hooks and clips fit together to create a custom wall system perfect for your home. The wall manager has helped me de-clutter my office and I’m so excited to share it with you and give you the chance to win one too!

Set up is a snap – I played around with a couple configurations and ultimately decided line up the boards. This system is easy to to set up – there are little temporary stickers on the back to position the boards while you align them with the built-in level. Check it out:

The fun part is getting to accessorize and add the drawers and shelves, caddies, hooks and clips and other fun office accessories……

And here’s how the wall manager fits into this multi-tasking office…

I love it! I bet you’d like to grab a Martha Stewart Wall Manager for yourself! This week there’s a 40% off promotion at Staples and these wall manager systems are sold exclusively at StaplesΒ – you can check out this link to take advantage of this great deal AND you can win the exact same system that I have in my home by entering below in the rafflecopter. Good luck! (I was provided with this wall manager system and I LOVE it!)




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