Water spots are inevitable and annoying but you can get rid of them with one pantry ingredient – white vinegar! The acid in the vinegar cuts right through mineral deposits and water spots. You’ll be surprised with the results!

Here’s the simple technique:

  1. Pour a little white vinegar directly on a cleaning cloth. I use the cleaning cloths found in my shopthis Cleaning Cloth Kit is my favorite. If you have soap scum or a lot of build up, use the scrubbing cloth in the kit.
  2. Wipe the spots away.
  3. Repeat if necessary.
  4. Rinse (or don’t – I don’t always rinse the white vinegar).

Where can you use this trick?

  • glass shower doors – check out this before and after:

  • tile
  • faucets and fixtures
  • stainless steel appliances – especially around a water dispenser!

  • anywhere you see those pesky water spots

Where should you NOT use this trick?

Vinegar is acidic – don’t use on stone (marble, granite, quartz) as it can etch the surface over repeated use.

Questions you might have:

Will my house smell like a pickle? The smell is strong at first but it’s harmless and dissipates as soon as the vinegar is dry.

How often should I use this method? As needed – I find that I need a little extra oomph every month or two.

What if I hate the smell of vinegar? What can I use instead? Vinegar is my recommendation for water spots and mineral deposits. Feel free to infuse the vinegar with herbs or essential oil to cut the scent. As you use vinegar you’ll get used to it – I used to hate it and while I still don’t love it, I love the results when I use it.